Cobras: The Football Team Needs Your Support!

football player holding football
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by Alex Gutierrez

Hey, Cobras. Did you know that schools that don’t have winning football teams do not have a supportive school because students think that the team is trash or students just don’t care? What people  don’t know is that most football programs have coaches and players who go out on the field every day and put in the work.

It’s not easy going and putting your body through intense workouts every day.  You have to be strong physically, and most of it is a mental game. If you don’t have a resilient mentality, no matter how much talent a player has,  he won’t make it if he’s not in the right mindset.

Football is a painful game.  Ask anyone who plays.  It’s fun when you’re winning, but when you lose it really hurts the players who actually care about the game.  You can talk all the school spirit you want, but the players don’t really care about that. They appreciate the words of support during school the day after a game. But what players would rather have is the whole school at the games supporting them and cheering them on. They want to feel like they have their whole hood behind them.  There’s no other feeling like it – to feel accomplished on getting a victory when you have the stands filled with students and other supporters cheering for you and the team.

A BA teacher told me recently that she loves the football team and hates to see us lose – not because of our record,  but because she knows what we go through. She knows  the obstacles and the courage it takes to play the sport.

We have a lot of students in this school who don’t go to any games and just talk smack to the players as though they just knew what we go through, and as though they’ve experienced some our injuries and getting hit. But  most of these teens who talk garbage, well,  they’ve never played real football before. If they really knew what the sport was, they’d give us some respect. So, Cobras, you might think the team needs to win for the students to support their players.  But maybe it goes both ways.  Support needs to come from the students. We need you to show up at the games and give the players an extra motivation to win. See you on the field!