Calling All Cobras!


by Kaila Alcius

Have you been feeling overwhelmed with all of your online assignments?
Well, here are a few tips to relieve some stress: listen to your favorite
tunes, treat yourself with a spa day at home, or simply just take a nap.
Also, if you feel like you have too many assignments piling up just do them
before the due date – that’ll help.

Seniors – This is a very daunting moment for you all. Your graduation ceremony is something you and your family members have been waiting for. Unfortunately,  that will not be happening the way you envisioned. We’ll be having a virtual graduation on June 18th.  So, look on the bright side.  You’ll still be able to say you made it ! Also
you’ll be saving a lot of money from the senior events you weren’t able to

This quarantine should encourage everyone to invest in making
their own money. Bring out the skills you never thought you had, or learn
something new. With all the free time you have, go on YouTube and learn
something you’ve always wanted to do. Fill out scholarships and apply for
colleges.  It’s never too early or late to do so. Use your time wisely. Be
safe and stay healthy most of all, keep your eyes on the prize, Cobras!

Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, but
actually you’ve been planted.
– Christine Caine