We Are Still The Class Of 2020

by Devendra Bissoon



Dear 2020 Seniors,

In this time of crisis, we are heavily affected emotionally and mentally. A number of us are stuck in situations at home that are more mentally draining than ever. On top of that, we seniors were met with the news that our graduation AND senior activities were cancelled. We are the unluckiest class out of all the classes before us, and it only got worse. It sucks to know that everything we have worked for in the past 18 years is going to end like this. However, if there is one thing we know how to do, it’s to never give up.
That’s why we are strong. We must believe in ourselves and build on our desires, because desire is the difference between success and failure. This pandemic is only closing one chapter of what lies in front of us. We cannot let this affect the way we believe in ourselves. Although we were greeted with a horrific ending to our high school years, we are still the class of 2020. Our year represents perfect vision and we have our vision for the perfect future. To keep you inspired and motivated, here are a few encouraging quotes:

-If you dream big, falling short doesn’t hurt so bad.
-Achieving your dreams is equal parts ambition, drive and happiness.
-Through belief in your abilities, education and confidence all dreams are possible.
-Enjoy the journey as much as the dream.
-Your dream is precious, cultivate it well.
-Dreams are like sailing. Sometimes the water gets choppy, but you need to keep moving
-Dreams are what push us to move forward.
-Are dreams reached without sacrifices really dreams at all?

On the other hand, if you are stressed out in any way, remember to take this time to work on your schoolwork or any important tasks that will set you up for a good future. You can do this by:

-Taking out 2 hours of your day to work on canvas.
-Taking advantage of your teacher’s work hours for any help.
-Emailing is always available, so if you run into a dead end or you have a reasonable problem, you can email an assistant principal or other school staff that can help you.
-Most importantly, remember there is still a school therapist who is available to anyone in case you need emotional support. 

-Take care of yourself so you can be emotionally, physically and mentally strong. Success starts with yourself!