BA Varsity Football Team Aims for Playoffs




By Shyon Morgan

High school football is an intriguing thing to watch. Every season, high schoolers look forward to attending games and cheering their team to victory. Whether from the hard hits to the amazing run plays, the sport can fill the whole crowd with exhilaration. It’s that time of year again for the Cobra Varsity Football team to show what they’re  made of. The varsity team is expected to have a better record than the last season, which was 4-6. Unfortunately though, this season the football team got off on a bad start.

They started off losing the first 3 games of the season with one being a very close win. After the students realized what happened, the sense of hope and school spirit started to diminish. “ I think we have a better team than last year, this is my new team now”, says a supportive senior who wished to remain anonymous. Home game populations started to decrease until the major win over Hollywood Hills, 46-8.

After having the staggering record of 1-5, Coach Gray, the head coach for the varsity football team, had some encouragement to share.

“Gentlemen…. We can make it to the playoffs if we play like we want it. We have 4 more games left to win for us to make it happen,” Coach Gray said. He also aims to achieve a better record this year. Everybody expects the seniors on the team to make their goal come through. The seniors are known to be the best players on any team.

“Now, knowing they can make it to the playoffs if they rack up enough points, the boys are more focused at practice” says Coach Lewis, a OL/DL coach at B.A. The team managed to win the rest of the games, which leaves them with a 5-5 record – one more win over last year. Unfortunately, they did not make it to the playoffs but we can leave that to the 2020 team and see what they have in store.

Go Cobras!