Q&A With BA’S Classy Cheerleaders


Photo: BA Cheerleader Shavelloney Robinson

By Shenidine Joseph

Cobra cheerleaders Shavelloney Robinson and Theronesha Cochran share insights into what life is like as a BA cheerleader.

What made you want to cheer?

SR: It matches my personality. I love to support people and get people hyped and it looked cool”.

TR: I just wanted to have fun. I wanted to rep  my school but have fun.

What would be some advice you’d give other cheerleaders, and what are the benefits of cheerleading?

SR:  If you’re a flyer – make sure you don’t look down, and communicate with your base if you are not feeling comfortable. Make sure teamwork is being performed and, for bases,  catch the flyer if she falls. Make sure you communicate with the other bases to perform a perfect stunt group and have spirit while doing cheers and chants and always smile. It is hard but it is worth it.

TR: A good benefit is you can learn commutation skills, team work skills and overall cheer-leading skills.

As a cheerleader, what would you advise against and what are some disadvantages?

SR: No DRAMA! Drama can cause a lot of disruption as a cheer team and uniformity is key!  If that’s not well put together, you are not considered a proper cheer team.

TR: One disadvantage are the injuries.

Have you had any injuries?

SR: Nothing major just a little swelling in my ankle because I kept falling out of the air but other than that no”.

TR: Nothing major.

How would you advise a cheerleader to get along with the team, and do you get along?

SR: Have a positive attitude, stay out the mix, support them and help them out on the team if they’re messing up.  And make a couple of jokes once in a while!  They’ll need a little laughter, you never know.

TR: Well, you know, I’ll say 50/50. We have to talk to one another to get things done. Overall, I have a few friends in their and the rest are just teammates”.

What makes a cheerleader stand out from the rest?

SR: Personality.  Someone’s personality attracts people’s attention in good and bad ways. Strive for being known as having a good personality that’s enjoyable.

TR: Personality!

So, Cobras, we can see that these ladies have a little something called personality and, as cheerleaders, it makes them rise above the rest!