Covid 19/From the SGA: Stay Focused, Cobras!


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by Tanisha Smith

Note: A very special thanks to Ms. Yezdimir for her help coordinating our Covid-19 coverage.

Dear Cobra Family,
I come to you during this hard time because I know some of you are feeling distressed and want to give up. Let me tell you this, the SGA family is here to comfort you with our words of encouragement:

-This crisis is going to end soon.

-For our 2020 seniors: We need you all to stay focused and do not give up. Keep striving towards the finish line because you;re almost there. You just have to keep working hard in those classes and putting in that work.

-Social distancing may not be so good but at least it’s going to keep us healthy and safe from this virus. It brings us closer to our family.

-Some of you may be scared and afraid, but nothing in life should be feared – only understood.

-When times feels like everything that you knew is ending, it means you’re at the beginning of something new.

-Even though some teachers may give several assignments, try and pace yourself through them – don’t rush. Make sure it’s complete and turned in on
time. Contact them about the assignments if you need help or you don’t understand because they are there to help you all.

-Keep yourselves busy, Cobras.  And get rid of your stress to leave your mind at east. Hang with your family. Write in your journal. Try a
mediation routine. Exercise to keep your body in shape and moving.

Cobras, we can all get through this together as a family!