Freshmen, Want To Succeed At BAHS? Take the Advice Of Veterans!

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Interviews conducted and transcribed by Shamoya Montaque

For new, or relatively new freshmen at BAHS, if you want to make the most of your years at BAHS, take the advice of those who know:

 Shania (Junior)   

Stay focused! Make sure you keep up your grades in all your classes. Don’t get into any fights with anyone, because it’s not worth it and it might mess up your school record. Try to get on the Honor Roll. Remember that once you start off with bad grades, it will be hard to get back to the top. Watch out for the types of friends you make and keep your academic goals in mind. BAHS is a school that gives students better educational opportunities than most, especially for the many students here who come from other countries. 

 Ms. McDaniel (Teacher):

The most important thing for students to have a successful 9th grade school year is to work and study hard from the first day of school. It’s going to be difficult for you to bounce your GPA  back up if it’s low. Boyd Anderson has great students, teachers, and great guidance counselors.   Watch out for peer pressure, following the wrong crowd, and not keeping up with your school work because it will pile up on you. 

 Bobby (Junior) 

Ninth grade year is very important because it determines your whole high school life. Try to achieve A’s and B’s, respect everyone and accomplish your goals. Watch out for bad people, harmful influences and negativity certain people bring around you. Our school has great programs,  such as AVID and JROTC.  Make sure you stay focused, try to get as many scholarships as you can and graduate. Set a bright future for yourself and make your family proud! 

 Rashid (Junior) 

Don’t fall back on your classes – it will affect you in a big way. Always make sure you do your work when it’s assigned. Get on your teachers’ good sides and always respect everyone. Say focused on making yourself great. To earn respect, you need to give respect. Do not follow the crowd or bad influences, just stick to yourself and those you trust who have the best for you at heart. Most importantly, watch out for your surroundings and always stay alert during school. B.A has great students and staff, as well as its a YMCA program and sports.

Anthony (Junior) 

Have fun as much as you can and don’t do too little or too much in class. Make sure your grades are on point. Make new friends and enjoy yourself to the fullest in high school. Watch out for upperclassmen, people who don’t want to see you at your best, and security guards. Here at B.A high there are good teachers. As you grow,  remember everything is going to change about you as you get older.