Kids & Technology: What’s The Problem?

antique broken cell phone communication
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by Kedemah Israel

Technology has had a huge impact on society and schools. Much of it is good. But some people are saying technology – or the way we use it – is eating away at our concentration abilities. A recent article in The Washington Post cited a Pew Research survey that found that “nearly 90% of teachers believe digital technologies are creating an easily distracted generation and short attention spans…and 76% of teachers believe students are being conditioned by the Internet to find quick answers.” So, it seems we’re roaming around on social media a lot -on Instagram and Twitter, or playing games instead of doing our work. When we do work, we’ll use Google to look up quick answers so we can be done with it. That’s not really learning – to use technology as our number one go-to when we are stuck on a problem.

Technology has done wonders. It has connected us. It brings us the world. But let’s not use it to stop thinking for ourselves.