Digital Art Classes: If We Only Had Them(One Student’s Pitch)


By Tyler Stephen-Smith

I know a few kids who just love to draw and sketch characters and monsters, and use those talents to tell a story. And in a technological era where everything is becoming more advanced, it’s crazy to think we still don’t have a digital art class at Boyd Anderson. Sure, you can attempt to change your schedule to get an art class, but you still would know nothing about what digital art has to offer.

Digital art classes teach basic computer science skills and allow you to get familiar with popular computer painting software. Just imagine having kids on laptops or tablets fully immersed in making a comic or designing characters! The only thing that stands between making that visualization a reality is the cost of including digital art in the curriculum.

Obviously, we’ll need funding for computers or tablets to draw on. Back at my old middle school, students held fundraisers to pay for certain class supplies. Some students would pitch in and donate; even community members pitched in to help. We could do the same thing at BAHS and reap considerable benefits.

Having digital art as classes can help students prepare for a career involving digital graphics. If you want a job or career in illustration or design, digital art may assist you. In digital art classes you learn how to draw the human form and replicating certain body parts of creatures as well as making backgrounds/stories.

Don’t just take my word for it. Mr. Rodriguez, an Adobe Illustrator/Adobe Dreamweaver teacher, believes we should have a digital art class in school that would build on students’ computer science skills. “The class could [help students] further their computer science education and gain skills they can use in the real world,” Mr. Rodriguez said.

Ms. Hutchins, who teaches debate, agrees. “Digital art classes are important to have because students these days have been raised in a technological era and this would give them opportunities to learn an important skill,” she said.

When I asked students, even those with no art experience would typically say:” I would totally take that class. I mean, a free period where we can draw or doodle using computers? Who wouldn’t want that!”